Hello everyone!

I'm an indie game developer who's been making games since 2014, currently working on a multiplayer FPS called Redmatch 2. I run a YouTube channel where I teach others how to program, as well as logging progress on my games.

Play Redmatch 2, a multiplayer FPS where kills let you upgrade your stats for the match.

Play Normal Activities, a game I made in 48 hours with 23 other people where you have to keep ghost hunters from discovering your haunted house.

Play Adrift, a survival game where you have to automate resource production on a floating island.

Play Souls of the Grumpps, an online co-op puzzle game where you help each other open doors to reach the end.

Play Upward Restriction, a climbing game with unconventional controls.

See all my games on my itch.io page

Join the official Rugbug Redfern discord server to chat with me and other fans!

If you like my work and want to support me, consider donating to me on Patreon :)

Redmatch 2 background art by Gilikosik